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BIM for over a decade
BIM Paper2drawing has been involved with Building Information Modeling (BIM) for over a decade. Our BIM services are best provided in the role of the program manager. In this way, we can integrate BIM in all phases of a project from pre-design through design, construction, as-built documentation and facilities management, maximizing and leveraging the full payback of these technologies. As owner representative, we are in the unique position to aid with the integration of BIM, familiar with applying it within each of the design-construction-maintenance phases.

3D-BIM design tools allow the freedom to create intricate objects in 3D while easing tedious 2D work. Modeled elements react intelligently to the CAD environment. This accelerates work making the management of the project easier and, most importantly allows for the integration of simulations, cost and schedule analyses, and collaboration of the various project designers as well as stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of the design-construction-maintenance of a building.

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