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CAD & CAM The expertise in CAD/CAM is in the following areas:

Scanning and Digitization
Conversion of drawings available in paper into vector drawings through process of scanning and conversion of the images into electronic drawings.

Database Application areas involving CAD
Interfacing of electronic drawings and the data associated with the entities to create a bi-directional editing & upgrading facility.

3D Modeling

Generation of 3 dimensional models from 2 D views and generation of perspectives and views from user defined viewpoints.

Illumination, material incorporation and rendering of models generated and data available.
Modeling of components and assembly of automotive components and mechanical equipments.
Mechanical CAD Sector (CAM) the areas of expertise in CAM are as follows:

Data Conversion:
Conversion of 2D drawings of Mechanical components and assembly into 3D Parametric models using CATIA / ProEngineer / Ideas / CAD MDT as per clients specifications.

Computer Aided Engineering Analysis/Design and Simulation:
Providing multiple services in Engineering Analysis ranging from Static Analysis to Thermal, Dynamic, Fatigue analysis including Fluid Flow problems.

Providing services manufacturing models with NC Code generation for various controls using the Manufacturing modules of I-DEAS/CATIA/ ProEngineer.

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