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Tiff Conversion
TIFF image to PDF format batch conversion utility that converts TIFF files (including multi-page images) into PDF.

Many conversion projects require special features to fit into an existing business process. We can work with you to develop a customized image conversion solution that matches your exact requirements and budget.


All projects are designed to have the lowest technical risk possible so they can be delivered on time and problem free. All work is quoted on a fixed price contract for your protection.

Conversion projects often require special processing as each file is being converted from one format to another. We can provide customized features such as:

  • Index information extraction from image file headers or associated index blocks in the data stream.
  • Image extraction from larger files that also contain other types of content.
  • Automatic processing of a file directory tree including subdirectories.
  • Automatic output files naming strategies and directory creation.
  • Reading from and/or writing to a database as each file is processed (support for various database types such as ODBC, SQL, MDB, dBase, CSV, etc.).
  • Source files deletion after successful conversion.
  • Source file move to an error recovery area after unsuccessful conversion.
  • Status log file creation.
  • Processing directly from CD, DVD, optical jukebox or tape (when accessible as a drive through Windows).

All pages of a TIFF image file were concatenated into a single page output file. Support for both black & white and color images from various vendors were provided. The page length and size of the output file were limited by the TIFF format.

Multiple image files containing drilling logs were merged into a single page output file. The resolution of the output file could be reduced by the user so large files could be sent to customers using cell phones in the field.

The image files generated by a Mekel scanner were merged into one multiple page TIFF file using the filenames to determine the page order.

Merge multiple images together (as overlays) to create a single page output image file.

Rotating inverted images, centering images on a standard page size and inserting text onto an image.

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